Fashion and trends lay down the law
when it comes to choosing
clothes and accessories,
but often everyone looks the same.
Today, real luxury
is having something
that has been truly custom made.
How else can we stand out
from the crowd
if not by using our image?

Our image is the business card
we present to others,
and it is important that it represents us in the best possible light.
How can you get it right?
Easy! By using an image consultant.


An image consultant takes care of your style:
from your physical appearance to how you express yourself and interact with others.
The image consultant's job is to make the most of your strengths and make you feel at your best.
The consultancy process is a methodical and objective task that takes your specific needs into consideration. It uses studies and analyses to perfect your image, because “dress badly and they will notice your clothes, dress impeccably and they will notice you.”


Colour analysis identifies the perfect nuances to best enhance your image and make you feel comfortable.
Facial pigmentation is assessed in an aseptic and colourless environment. Based on the results, colour combinations are categorised into friendly colours, which improve the appearance and brightness of your face, and enemy colours, which absorb light and damage your visual impact.
Every customer receives a personalised colour palette to help in choosing make up, hairstyles and clothing.



Studying your facial geometry helps us to interpret the characteristics and proportions of your appearance.
The assessment consists of an analysis of your features and peculiarities, identifying the strengths and bright areas to be emphasized in order to achieve the best image.
Making the most of your face means identifying the best style and colour for your hair, learning to use the right make up for every occasion and choosing the right accessories to wear.


Studying the figure allows us to identify different body types based on structure, lines, size and proportions.
It allows us to identify the sizes, fabrics and patterns that suit someone best, making the most of their strengths and softening their weaknesses, using camouflage techniques to improve their overall appearance.
This allows people to use their body type as a basis for choosing the clothes and accessories that best reflect their own personal style.


Wardrobe assessment allows us to identify the clothes and accessories which, according to model, fabric and colour, best suit your figure, different occasions and your own personal requirements.
We then continue by selecting and identifying looks and combinations for free time, work and special occasions.
At the end of the analysis your wardrobe will have a new logic and will be easier to manage, so you won't ever again say “I have a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear!”


A personal shopper is a shopping consultant that considers the client's budget and image, with a particular focus on new trends.
Useful for both individuals and companies, the personal shopper will organise a tailor-made itinerary for each client, choosing the shops to visit and helping with the shopping.
Ideal for those that want to buy without wasting money or time: spend less and spend wisely!


› IMAGE CONSULTANCY: programme based on colour, facial and figure analysis. Lots of bon ton advice. files/theme/skill.pngfiles/theme/skill.pngfiles/theme/skill.pngfiles/theme/skill.pngfiles/theme/skill.png

› WARDROBE ORGANISATION: creating an ordered space where you can keep your clothes and compose outfits quickly and easily. files/theme/skill.pngfiles/theme/skill.pngfiles/theme/skill.pngfiles/theme/skill.png

› LUGGAGE ORGANISATION: selection of outfits for work trips. files/theme/skill.pngfiles/theme/skill.png

› ON-LINE CONSULTANCY: web-cam assistance for creating outfits. files/theme/skill.png


› SHOPPING TOUR: a whole day dedicated to the client, accompanying them to local shops and outlets to look for the object of their desires. files/theme/skill.pngfiles/theme/skill.pngfiles/theme/skill.pngfiles/theme/skill.pngfiles/theme/skill.png

› SHOPPING BY COMMISSION: satisfying the needs of the most demanding and busiest clients, who can commission the purchase of their desired goods. files/theme/skill.pngfiles/theme/skill.pngfiles/theme/skill.pngfiles/theme/skill.png

› SHOPPING FOR THE IDEAL GIFT: guidance in choosing and purchasing the ideal gift based on the specific circumstances and person involved. files/theme/skill.pngfiles/theme/skill.pngfiles/theme/skill.png

› SHOPPING FOR CEREMONIES AND GALA EVENINGS: tips for choosing the perfect outfit for a special occasion or ceremony. Advice in choosing the most suitable dress, accessories, hairstyle and make up. files/theme/skill.pngfiles/theme/skill.png


› COMPANY IMAGE CONSULTANCY: Support for companies in the assessment and creation of a uniform image in the clothing and attitude of company personnel. files/theme/skill.pngfiles/theme/skill.pngfiles/theme/skill.pngfiles/theme/skill.pngfiles/theme/skill.pngfiles/theme/skill.png

› COMPANY SHOPPING ASSISTANCE: help in choosing and purchasing the most suitable gifts for customers and employees.files/theme/skill.pngfiles/theme/skill.pngfiles/theme/skill.png



In order to provide a complete range of services, we collaborate with
qualified professionals.

Professional make up artist with 15 years experience, specialised in make up for television,
 photography, theatre and film. Cosmetologist and make up artist.

Beauty specialist.












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